Nicole Pardon testimonial


When people asked me what inspired me to start my health coaching business, I tell them that I've wanted to do it for years, but let fear hold me back.  Then I tell them I hired Hollie Flynn and she basically said "Just get off your A$$ and do something. " (Slight paraphrase). I say that in truth and jest. I  am sure I would still be in the same spot had I not met Hollie.  

Hollie did this for me but that was JUST THE BEGINNING.  She taught me that my own limiting beliefs were the only thing getting in my way. Her coaching method and tools have shaped the way I coach my clients.  When I met her, I was miserable and STUCK in a corporate job that I'd been doing for 16 years.  I didn't believe there was any way out.  She never "told" me what to do...she just coached me through it and let me figure it out. (one of my favorite Holli-isms is "I could be wrong...but I'm sensing that you..."  Guess what..she was NEVER wrong.)  When we started she said "you may quit your job, you may not."  It turned out that I gained the confidence and guts to quit BEFORE our coaching session even ended!

 Her intuitive nature along with her savvy business sense was the perfect mix for me.  Yes, I needed some factual business lessons (still do and always will) but Hollie provided guidance beyond measure.  She honestly listened to what my soul was craving and then helped me develop not only my brand, but also my EPIC life around MY authentic nature.  I am so thankful that I met Hollie along the way in my journey.  She is truly a life changer!