You’ve got a new story to write. And, it looks nothing like your past.
— D. LaPorte

Your story begins with a rebellion against the boredom and the
oppressive walls of social programming.

Your story begins with a deep desire to create your own masterpiece.

Your story begins in the moment you decide to
remember & reclaim WHO you are.

 Hollie Flynn | HOLSPARK

Hi, I'm Hollie.

I Believe in WILD MAVERICKs, Wild Women, healers, Teachers, VISIONARies, & in you Being THE ARTIST OF YOUR OWN MASTERPIECE.

I believe in Your potent expression & Your Potent Power. 

I believe the only success that truly matters is you living your passions and purpose full out. And you don’t get there by following the status quo.

You get there by developing the fierce, full of vitality, passionate, and independent female you were born to be.

You get there by understanding your greatness, your passions and your life purpose are already inside of you.

You get there by doing the work to uncover it and by having the guts to live it.

I’m here to spark that knowing and to provide you with intuitive life guidance and No BS strategy that will show you how to uncover your passions and purpose and design an Extraordinary, Passion-filled, Inspiring and Completely aligned life.

I’m here to empower you to become the fierce, courageous, independent and passionate female you were born to be.

I will help you get clear on who you are, what you deeply desire, and what has been holding you back until now. It’s time to write a new story.

A single spark can inspire the human
heart and mind to transform the world and rewrite all the rules.

I’m Passionate about my work.

 Maverick Mentor


No BS Advice & Guidance.
The only thing I care about is WHO you really are, WHAT you really want, and if are you living it.  My job is to help you uncover it , design it, and get it.

 Passionate Entrepreneur


I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for over the last 18 years, repeatedly turning my passions into purpose and profit. My genius is helping others find their EPIC Genius. That place where your gifts, strengths, passion, and experiences swirl together creating extraordinary purpose, prosperity, and impact.

 Fierce Advocate


I’m author of No BS When Life’s a Mess: How to go from surviving to thriving for 20-Somethings. It’s time to teach 21st century success. The game has changed. I believe 90% of what is being taught is useless. I’m here to illuminate the other 10%. It’s time to learn and live ONLY what matters most.