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If you are stuck and struggling in life, this book will help get you to a better place fast.

If you are doing well in life, there are chapters that will increase the quality of your living exponentially. 

But what excites me most is getting this book in the hands of young people BEFORE they end up in survival mode. 

This is a guidebook on SUCCESS. Success that isn’t taught in school.  The most important lessons we NEVER had. 

Who Is This Book For

I wrote it for 20-something females. But here’s who reading it.

  • Yes, 20-something females who are struggling, stuck and trying to find their way to a better place
  • 16-19 year olds so they won’t actually need this book in their 20s
  • Moms and Dads of 20-Somethings and Teens (usually end up giving to their child)
  • 40-50 year old women who wished they had this “training” in their 20s and want to incorporate it now.

Why I Wrote This Book


 I received a Facebook message from a 21-year-old girl who used to be an employee at one of the three fitness centers I used to own. In the message she shared that she had just lost her job, she had been evicted from her apartment, and her car would soon be repossessed. Her husband had an injury from a car accident they had been in earlier in the year, so he couldn’t leave for military duty as planned. Her mom was a raging alcoholic and in an abusive relationship with a man who had just beaten her up very badly. This young lady was trying to help her mom and her husband. She was stressed to the max emotionally and mentally. She had no money or financial reserves, and to top it off she was pregnant. 

I started writing her an email back to give her advice, support, and some love. I just wanted to give her a big hug and share some words that somehow might help. I started writing, and what was meant to be an email became this book.


When I started the email, my thoughts were: What can I possibly share that will make a difference? What would be the “emergency” steps I’d give someone to course correct her life starting now? What would be the least amount of information with the most powerful punch? What would help someone get out of survival mode and into thrive-al mode in the shortest amount of time? What would be the most important things a young girl could do to start moving her life from surviving to thriving?


What many people don't know about me is that I was a depressed teen who barely made it out of high school, I was 40 lbs overweight by 19, 40k in debt by 22, and had a college degree that prepared me for 2 things: entry level sales jobs and waiting tables (I did both). I was in a constant state of struggle and survival.

Skip ahead...I lost 40lbs, ran my first marathon, worked my way out of debt in 3 years, and at age 26, opened my first business,1 of 3 fitness centers I would have. By age 33, I had built $1 million in assets (fitness centers, additional businesses and real estate investments) and was thriving in life.



I put myself through and intensive 6 year self study of certain success principles and Universal Law. From the ages of 20-26, I studied and put into practice what I was learning. It changed my life. It changed who I was as a person, and who I wanted to become.


I realized the knowledge and the principles I learned could be applied to achieve anything in life. Which, I thought was pretty FREAKING awesome.

I also had another less pleasant feeling and thought deep within me. WHY isn't this stuff taught in every school? Why don't we learn this from our parents?

The answer is: they simply do not know.

But, I know. And this has become my WHY.

There are far too many young women (and men, but this is for the girls!) struggling in life. And they are not getting the direction or knowledge that would truly help them break free of struggle and survival.

This is the information I wish I’d had at 16, at 18. This book has the power to change lives. I’m fired up to guide female, especially young females, and to usher in a new system of “education” and mentoring for true success.

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