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I'm Hollie Flynn, Wellness Entrepreneur & Consultant, Holistic Life Guide and a Plant-based Vitality and Culinary Coach.

My #1 passion is guiding others to spark, create, and live lives of radiant vitality and deep purpose. They go hand in hand. 

For 21 years, I've been in business for myself. My drive is freedom and impact. I believe the best services and products have the potential to heal the body, feed the soul, and transform lives...while protecting the planet. 

I've owned and operated 3 successful fitness and wellness centers for 14 years, helping thousands of women become healthier and happier. I'm the proud author of No BS When Life's a Mess: How to Go From Surviving to Thriving, a self-help book for 20-something females. I'm a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and have spent 25+ years in the deep study and practice of positive psychology, personal development, life purpose, deep nutrition, and deep living. 

I'm currently working on my skills as an urban farmer and up-ing my overall game as an employee of and advocate for Mother Earth. 

My number one pull is to help people find their place in this world and to support them in transforming from a life of pain and suffering to one of radical freedom, radiant health and vitality, passionate pursuits and deep purpose.

When one rises, we all rise. It's time. 

When I'm not co-creating with clients and students, my life minutes are devoted to reading and research, writing, creating & eating plant-based deliciousness, trail running with Mr. Carter Jones (the family dog), mountain biking, spending as much time as possible in nature, plotting adventure travel trips, and talking & laughing with my wise and wonderful 14 year old daughter, Taylor. 

Oh, and push-ups. I really dig push-ups. 

How are you using your life minutes? It's an important question. Can be a life-changing one. So....

I had to ask.