Nicole Pardon testimonial

Nicole Pardon testimonial


When people asked me what inspired me to start my health coaching business, I tell them that I've wanted to do it for years, but let fear hold me back.  Then I tell them I hired Hollie Flynn and she basically said "Just get off your A$$ and do something. " (Slight paraphrase). I say that in truth and jest. I  am sure I would still be in the same spot had I not met Hollie.  

Hollie did this for me but that was JUST THE BEGINNING.  She taught me that my own limiting beliefs were the only thing getting in my way. Her coaching method and tools have shaped the way I coach my clients.  When I met her, I was miserable and STUCK in a corporate job that I'd been doing for 16 years.  I didn't believe there was any way out.  She never "told" me what to do...she just coached me through it and let me figure it out. (one of my favorite Holli-isms is "I could be wrong...but I'm sensing that you..."  Guess what..she was NEVER wrong.)  When we started she said "you may quit your job, you may not."  It turned out that I gained the confidence and guts to quit BEFORE our coaching session even ended!

 Her intuitive nature along with her savvy business sense was the perfect mix for me.  Yes, I needed some factual business lessons (still do and always will) but Hollie provided guidance beyond measure.  She honestly listened to what my soul was craving and then helped me develop not only my brand, but also my EPIC life around MY authentic nature.  I am so thankful that I met Hollie along the way in my journey.  She is truly a life changer!

Nicole Pardon|

Caroline McKean testimonial

Caroline McKean testimonial

Clarity. Change of Direction. Alignment. Oh, and Elephants! 

I worked with Hollie for support on my coaching business but what I got was clarity and a change of direction. Of course, she helped me build a successful first-time retreat program but what she really gave me was accountability, encouragement and confidence to truly seek out what it is I want to do with my life. 

I am still on that journey, though Hollie kindly yet bluntly indicated that my goals and hopes weren’t in alignment. I spent more time talking about travel and volunteering than I did developing my business. I’ll never forget at the end of one of our phone calls she asked me what I was waiting for? That now was the time to travel and volunteer and receive as much back from the animals I wanted to work with, as I would be giving. 

I’m proud to say I am heading to Thailand and Bali for two months for a journey of a lifetime to pursue yoga and volunteering with elephants. It’s thanks to Hollie that I am on this journey searching for new clarity. Hollie still checks in and supports me in incredible ways. She’s not only a coach, but a friend and foundation of support. I highly recommend working with her for her incredible insight and ideas. This woman is a mastermind and firecracker! A role model and inspiration! 

Caroline McKean  Explorer/Yoga Instructor

Frank Georgetti testimonial


"Ever since I was old enough to work, I've felt unfulfilled and unsatisfied with every job I've ever had. I knew I wanted something different but I just didn't know what it was. After working with Hollie for just a few sessions, I had not just 1 but 2 aligned business goals and paths to take in life. I already feel more fulfilled just beginning down the path I am on than I ever have! Thanks Hollie!"

Frank Georgetti, 29 yr old Aspiring Entrepreneur

SCOTT COLBY testimonial

SCOTT COLBY testimonial


After just a few emails of telling Hollie about my business and products, what my passions are, and some future product ideas that I had, she was able to distill all of that into one nice little business idea that involved my true passions and had the best money making potential. In fact, this new brand that Hollie helped me start is on its way to grossing 6 figures in just 12 months. Hollie is amazing at helping you find your strengths and passions and turning them into a profitable business which in turn, allows you more freedom to do what you love! If you get a chance to work with Hollie, don’t think twice about it, just do it!


Lindsay Hughes McKinnon testimonial

Lindsay Hughes McKinnon testimonial


The return on my investment in working with Hollie was well worth its weight in gold, and the nuggets that I was able to immediately integrate in my life were essential, both personally and professionally. Hollie listens intuitively, she hears beyond the words, and comprehends vision on a deeper level. As a visionary herself, she could simplify and re-frame it for me and serve it up on a silver platter, challenging me with practical goals made of smaller, attainable steps. She diffused any anxieties I might have had and fully pushed me further into my next amazing chapter - all with a smile on her face!

LINDSAY HUGHES MCKINNON | Qoya Queen & Owner, Back Creek Massage & Bodywork



Hollie's no BS style of getting to and converging our passions, skills, and desires is amazing!  A few years after retiring I found myself struggling to find "what's next". Hollie's incredibly effective style and insight set me on my path to launching my own brand and business within a our first month of working together!  My new business is totally aligned with my goals and passions and gives me the flexibility to expand or contract the brand according to my needs and desires. I couldn't have dreamed of better coaching experience. Hollie's stated goal is to help us find our genius, but the reality is in finding her I found the real genius! Thank you Hollie, I am truly grateful!  


Jana B. testimonial

Jana B. testimonial


OMG, Hollie is one of the most AMAZING people I was blessed to come across! After just one brief written interaction with her, she was able to distill my EPIC and my brilliance (and we all have at least one!!) immediately! I was blown away. As soon as I read her comment and interpretation of what my genius is, I felt like things fell into place!! After years of searching! Yes, I’m using this many exclamation marks because I’m so excited to continue working with Hollie.

She’s a blessing for me and for anyone who wants to quickly (like, super rapido style) find their zone of genius and put into words! I felt deep inside there is something EPIC sleeping (and snoring) but I couldn’t find words for it. Hollie did that part like a magician - pulled it out and said TADAAA. What it meant for me was that with Hollie’s help I was able to quickly shape up my offerings and services, as well as my audience.

She is pure gold and I would recommend her without any hesitation. You really don’t want to wait another day to work with her. Hire her today! (and thank me for recommending her later ;)

JANA B. | Online Marketing Manager



I sang your praises tonight to three women, plus two women yesterday! I hope you realize what a gift you have. Thank you so much for the kick in the ass I needed to get things back on track. I hope you do this again because I have friends that desperately want exactly the medicine you prescribe!

JESSICA JONES SCARFE | Anesthesiologist & Adventurer