Wild Woman: Rooted & Rising

An 8 week, 1:1 private transformational coaching and healing program to liberate yourself from the Dark Night of the Soul and into your unique life purpose, radiant vitality and personal power.

It’s time to get deeply ROOTED into WHO you really are so you can grow and live ONLY what matters most. Because Dear Wild One, we no longer have the time, energy, resources or tolerance for anything less. It’s time to answer the call and RISE into Radiant Vitality and to remember and reclaim your Potent Purpose & Power.

I will be on this journey of transformation with you as your intuitive life guide, vitality coach and co-creator. Together we will:

:: Get crystal clear on your unique soul essence, gifts, values, strengths and life purpose.

:: Design a life blueprint for every area of your life based on WHO you really are. Fully releasing societal programming, the shoulds of life and outdated models of success. 

:: Gain deep understanding and potent healing around specific pain, hurts and traumas in life.

:: Identify and release toxins in your life… clutter, busyness, processed foods, certain thoughts & beliefs, toxic relationships, soul-sucking job/career.

:: Evoke your personal power. Step into bold, authentic, courageous living by expanding your mind through specific studies and practices. 

:: Replace exhaustion, confusion, overwhelm, and feelings of despair and heaviness with clarity, focus, energy, joy and passion.

:: Activate healing in the body and spirit through the portal of Plant Medicine: Foods, Superfoods, Herbs, Tinctures, Flower Essences and Plant Medicines.

Imagine…You have journeyed through All the above with deep support & success. How would your life be different? How would YOU be different? 



pathway 1: Vision Quest

Vision Questing is about getting honest and clear about the desires and dreams in your heart. Questing is about leaving behind the boredom and oppressive walls of societal programming. It is about asking your most wild, wise and free self what she wants. What she craves. What she needs. 

You'll create the vision and the map of your one of a kind Extraordinary, Passion-filled, Inspiring, and Completely aligned life. 

Pathway 2: Passion Project

A passion project is something you work on (often outside of your chosen career path or business) that gives you satisfaction, happiness and puts you into a state of flow. It's what Joseph Campbell would call following your bliss. It's your tiny (or huge) contribution to the world. Mostly it is a contribution to your soul. 

I will help you pick your most aligned passion project to explore and complete by the end our journey. 

Pathway 3 :  Sacred Power Practices

You’ll learn 4 power practices that will have you in a state of joy, clarity, creation, power and fulfillment NOW. These practices alone will be life-changing. You can do them in as little as 15-20 minutes a day.

These work to bring you into the alignment and vibration with what you most desire. You will learn how to create what you desire, AND you will learn to create feelings of well-being, peace, and internal strength in minutes, not some distant time in the future.

Pathway 4:  Leaving the Wasteland

You’ll learn how to identify and remove the obstacles and drains from your life. EVERYTHING is energy. Together we'll look at things such as (and many more that you may not even be aware of): Your belief system, thoughts, number of emails in your inbox, appointments, relationships, physical clutter, social media, information overload.  We have become a society weighted down by TOO MUCH.  You’ll discover and eliminate 5 of your biggest areas of “clutter” and energy drains. You'll get light.

Pathway 5:  The Magic of Movement 

Your beautiful body is meant to move. It is meant to be strong and flexible (at any age). It is your soul's home. You’ll ramp up this area of life in a way that feels incredibly awesome and right for you. Movement should be exhilarating. It should feel like play. And those are the only shoulds that exist around what we normally call exercise or fitness. You’ll discover the movement that aligns with your spirit and you'll let the rest go once and for all.

Pathway 6:  Plant Medicine

USE PLANTS AS A PORTAL TO CLARITY & VITALITY.  Nourishment. Energy. Pleasure. Food is one of the greatest pleasures on earth. It also has the power to kill or heal. It can provide energy or sluggishness. It can cause weight gain or loss (and not because of calories). Food can improve mood or decrease it. It can aid in mental clarity or confusion.

We are going to bust some myths. There is no need for confusion, overwhelm, or counting calories (ugh!). You’ll build a new relationship with food that supports pleasure, mood, energy, and a clear mind.

The bottom line is we can't live radiant lives and fulfill our destinies with sluggish, hungover, stiff, heavy, foggy, tired bodies. 

Pathway 7: Plan Perfect Storms of Pleasure

You’ll learn the simple pleasures of YOUR life. These are often overlooked gems that are specific and unique to your soul, and are simple to bring into life. You will learn how to craft and create “perfect storm of pleasure days” as the norm not the exception to life.

Pathway 8: Re-Wilding

You are a wild being meant to connect with spirit in nature. Nature is a sacred space of healing, connection, intuition, and wisdom. You'll be given an invitation to visit and play with Mother Earth. You'll learn 5 rituals you can use (pick 1 or do all 5) to bring more beauty, awe, energy, healing, rhythm and reverence to life.

Case Studies: