1 Day Total LifeTransformation Retreat

Not all of us know WHO we really are (any more), WHAT we really want, or HOW to get it.

Many of us are going through transitions…we often feel stuck, lost, unsure…scared.

Many feel the “old” life is dropping away…

Maybe you lost your job. Maybe your business is struggling.

Maybe your career is good in terms of money, benefits, and security but you feel trapped.

Maybe your heart has been broken.

Maybe a loved one has passed from this life.

Or maybe there is simply this deep know knowing that what once made you happy, no longer does. That all those things that once seemed to make sense, just do not anymore.

But what now?

The “old” life is dropping away…sometimes by choice, often not. But the “new” life is still in the dark. You have no idea what it’ll look like.

You want something different. Maybe a better job. A new business. More money. A better relationship. You want something you can count on.

Something to wake up to. Something you are EXCITED to wake up to.

You want to feel confident, strong, capable, inspired. You want to believe there is more…more for you.

And most importantly you want to live with ALIVENESS, RICHNESS, PASSION, and DEEP SATISFACTION.

I’ve talked to many of you who are wondering WHERE and HOW TO START.  Which is why I created this one day deep transformational workshop.

What you really want is freedom. Soul Freedom. You know there is more for you. That you are being called to live a more powerful and truer version of you. You have gifts, passions, desires, and dreams. You have a purpose. It's time to spark it.

And when that purpose gets lost…your zest for life gets lost.

Chances are you are a multi-passionate, free spirit. You’re smart. You’re complex. You use to have a certain zest for life…but somehow lost it along the way.

You’re afraid it might be too late.'s not.


Spark Your EPIC:
How to Reinvent and Design a Life You Love 

I want you to know, you’re not alone. What you are feeling is real and valid. On the other side of stuck, fear, and unsure is ALIVENESS, MEANING, and HAPPINESS.

More details…

What is it?


Spark Your EPIC is a life design workshop for those who want to get clear, reinvent and have a personal revolution.

Who is it for?

It’s for those who want to figure out and go after something that matters. For those who want to know WHO they really are before the programming, before the shoulds, before you forgot.  

It's for anyone who wants to get radically honest about what makes their heart beat faster. It's for anyone who wants to learn HOW to get what matters most.


Where is it happening?     

My home in Salem, VA.
It’s gorgeous here!If you’re coming in from out of town…
here’s a list of our area’s best places to stay.

What is an EPIC life?

I define EPIC as living a life that is:
Inspiring &
Completely YOU!

It’s a life custom designed for you. It’s unique, it’s on your terms. It feels wild & free. It feels extraordinary and extraordinarily right for YOU…When you explore and discover WHO you really are, WHAT you really to-your-core want, and HOW to get it…you’ll radiate. You’ll have your spark back–that zest for life. And you’ll have the confidence in YOU and the the confidence to go after your dreams. Despite changes and challenges…you’ll know where you fit in this world.  You’ll know everything you’ll ever need is inside of YOU.

When is it?

January 14, 2017



WORKSHOP.  9am-4pm

Spark Your EPIC
::  Take the EPIC Living Quiz & Assessment…where are you really?
::  Discover how to spark your passions & desires (in case you’ve forgotten them!)
::  Discover your 4 key values and how to use them to guide ALL decisions
::  Identify the one goal that could transform your life!

LUNCH:  Organic, Nutritious, & Delicious

Create Your EPIC
::  Design your Ideal Day (You might be surprised!)
::  Create Your “Vision Map” — you’ll have absolute clarity in where life is headed
::  Get your 3 most important next steps
::  Understand, maybe for the first time ever what has truly been holding you back
:: Gain the confidence and courage to go after you dreams!

Champagne, Cheese, and High-Fives 4pm


What exactly are we going to do?

I will teach you how to Spark, Create, and Live Your Own EPIC Life through teachings, prompts, questions, and exercises. It’ll be a warm, down to earth environment. Fun, messy, creative, colorful, unconventional. Transformational.

You will walk away feeling INSPIRED, LIGHT, and CONFIDENT!  You’ll feel clear, capable…and brave! You’ll be prepared and energized to go for what matters (to you!).

This workshop is for positive, open-minded, fun, IMPERFECT individuals! For those who want more…who are willing to be action takers (if they could just figure out what action to take!).

This is for those who want to stop wasting time, money, energy, and heartache wondering “what to do”…

This is for those who want to live full out with less fear and

This will be a small intimate group so we can really dig in and I can give you a ton of individual attention. This is a time to move from scared transition to sacred transformation.  Life is short.  Don’t wait another minute to live your best life. Your most EPIC life, your most EPIC self.

If you have any Questions: Shoot me an email at:
or reach out to me up on Facebook.

How Much?