My philosophy is simple. "Know Thyself" - To get what you want, you have to know what you want. REALLY want. To know what you REALLY want, you have to know WHO you are. EVERYTHING is built on that knowing. Without it you could very easily build extraordinary things. Extraordinary things that DON'T MATTER AT ALL to you. 

 Hollie Flynn...mentor, teacher, advocate in  The Art of Living Your Power, Passions, & Purpose.

Hollie Flynn...mentor, teacher, advocate in The Art of Living Your Power, Passions, & Purpose.

You need to know who you are at your core. Who you are at the soul level. That's all that matters. From that spark of illumination and aliveness you'll discover your purpose, your calling. You'll understand your desires and dreams and you'll finally know what it feels like to build and create from alignment, power and aliveness. 

You'll deep dive into learning The Art of Living Your Passions and begin to live with 100% conviction you are doing, becoming, creating, and living ONLY what matters most...TO YOU.

This is the Masterpiece you give the world. Most importantly it is the Masterpiece you give yourself.

By the end of our work together I want you to be able to answer every single question below with a full out, deep in your Soul "Yes!"

:: Is EVERY decision you make aligned with your core values and fueled by your passions?

:: Are you living your purpose?            

:: Does your work feel like an extension of your soul?

:: Have you stopped living by rules that make no sense to you?

:: Have you stopped asking for permission?

:: Have you stopped seeking approval?

:: Do you feel confident, courageous, and powerful (even if quietly so) in who you are as a person?

:: Are you fit and energetic in mind, body and spirit?

:: Are you continuously and intentionally crafting and creating a life that represents your passions, values, purpose, and deepest desires?

Are you living the most


expression of you? 

WHO I wORK with

My clients are smart, passionate, and purpose driven individuals. Freedom is a must. They desire to live full out and to make a difference in this world. They have deep feelings, complex thoughts, big hearts, and are on a quest to find their place in this world and then to create a better world. They are often psychology majors, coaches, healers, and creatives.

If younger they may show up as misfits, non-conformists and rebels. (I like these people.)

They can't stop themselves from questioning things. They don't shy away from challenges. And they have never taken the easy path, only their path. They want more than most people...they feel more than most people.

They are adventurers in pursuit of extraordinary experiences, a richness in living, and have an insatiable desire to know who they are and to live THAT... boldly, courageously, and FULL OUT.

Who I Do not work with

I do not work with those who aren't willing to take 100% responsibility for their lives (the good, the bad, the ugly).  I do not work with unkind people. I do not work with complainers and those who are not willing to dig in and do the work. I do not work with negative people (side note: it is OK if life is currently shit, or if you are struggling with heartbreak, loss, or hard times...I want the honest raw version of you and life, but you must believe that you have the power to create your reality and approach life from a place of openness and positivity.)

How we work together

We work together one-to-one for 1 - 3 months (depending on customization). Our work will include life purpose discovery, intuitive guidance, life design and life training. The Masterpiece experience is high touch and will be highly personalized and customized to your specific dreams, goals and desires. We will work together weekly (sometimes daily) via phone and email. If you live in the Salem/Roanoke, VA or wish to travel in, we may also plan in person meet-ups.

Ready to create your MASTERPIECE? 

If you are interested in working with me, please fill out the form included here. After I receive your information, I will be in your inbox within 24-48 hours to chat with you more, customize your program, and determine if we are a good fit to work together at this time.

It's no fun to guess about the $ investment. My clients invest between $1,000 - $4500 to work with me. I promise this...whether we work together or not, you'll find more clarity, excitement and power simply in applying. Much love, Hollie.

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