A 10-Day Immersion & Masterclass into the healing, life-enhancing, life-changing power of Superfood Smoothies!

It’s Smackdown time! Guys, I’m so excited about brining this challenge and masterclass to you that I’m literally having a hard time sitting just to write this. Smoothies…no SUPERFOOD smoothies have changed my life. And I was one who was already eating pretty darn healthy.

But here’s the deal. In today’s world, we can’t just eat healthy. That doesn’t cut it anymore. Our bodies are crying out for vital nutrients! How do you know: you lack energy, you get sick often. Your body hurts. You have mysterious symptoms or illness. You get injured often. You have digestive troubles. You can’t lose weight. You can’t sleep through the night. You’re irritable, anxious, depressed.

I know, I’ve been there. Even with all my healthy eating, I had pretty much all those symptoms. And…I know, I know…some of you will say, “yeah, Hollie….this is all part of getting older.” But I must call bull-shit-zu on that line of thinking. This has very little to do with age (if at all). In fact, 46% of our kids alone now have a chronic illness or disease. What we eat matters and matters more than you’ve ever been told.

Our bodies are consuming more toxins than ever before while our bodies are receiving less nutrients than ever before. But the great news is… the power to change, the power to heal, the power to live with health and vitality is in your hands. And Superfood Smoothies are going to be your powerful ally!

So What Do You Want?

More energy. To lose weight. To feel amazing. To look more radiant. To KNOW (for sure!) you’re not just increasing longevity, but the QUALITY of your life. To heal. To feel happy. What’s your why? If you were the most energetic, vital, healthiest & happiest version of YOU, what would you be up to in this one precious life of yours?

OK, Beautiful Souls, This is What we are going to deep dive into:

:: Why Smoothies? Well, I thought you’d never ask. :) 10 Compelling Reasons to add Superfood Smoothies to your WELLNESS TOOLKIT. (If for some reason you missed this in all my promo posts!)
:: How to create your #1 Foundational Smoothie
:: My top 10 Supermarket Superfoods!
:: My top 10 greens for smoothies, but why I want you to start with this one.
:: Top 5 fruits for turning your smoothie into a creamy, cool concoction of pure goodness
:: Why you don’t have to fear fruit (I made this mistake for years and it greatly hurt my health & mood)
:: What is the ratio of greens, to fruits, to liquids? The smoothie math equation.
:: How much smoothie for optimal health?
:: What to have in your kitchen …. always and forever more!
:: What about juicing? The BIG ? To juice or To smoothie?
:: The Top 10 Superfoods powders I couldn’t live without (you don’t need for this challenge, but get the knowledge and slowly add!)
:: Where to source your Superfood Powders
:: The only 3 things we are ever looking for in a food (this goes beyond smoothies & makes choosing foods SIMPLE
:: Combinations for synergetic benefit
:: My top tips for Smoothie Success
:: What superfoods to use for weight loss, increased energy, improved immunity, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory
:: How to make all this super simple, super delicious, and super fun!
:: Learn how to build your Superfood Kitchen Apothecary so you can become your own Medicine Woman or Man
:: I’ll also be sharing the 2 Doctors & 1 Cancer Expert I studied under in the last year+. My nutrition & healing work going forward has been greatly influenced by these mentors.

Bonus #1: My 4 Favorite Green Drinks (3 smoothies / 1 juice)
1. Recipe for the Miracle Match Smoothie (may inspire cancer to exit stage right)
2. Recipe for the best Green Detox Smoothie I’ve found (mercury/heavy metal removing) — get the 5 ingredients and where I personally source)
3. Recipe for the Hawaiian Green Goddess Smoothie (I guess the male species may drink this)
4. The only green thing I juice and why I juice it

Bonus #2: Superfood Smoothie Smackdown NEXT LEVEL Challenge (optional but for the die-hards)
This is a secret bonus. In addition to your commitment to creating and drinking an EPIC smoothie daily, you will be invited to accept the SSS Next Level Challenge. You’ll receive 3 more challenges (a.k.a. high-vibe practices) that won’t take more than 10 minutes a day and will not require any more cost. Simple + Powerful.

Did I miss something? Ask and I’ll create it for you. All questions will be answered. This is a short, but high-touch program…meaning I’ll be with you every step of the way. You’ll receive the knowledge. The support. Loads of inspiration. And most importantly, the opportunity to practice Superfood Smoothie skills! If you go all in, this experience will change your taste buds, your body, and your life. A smoothie…wow-zer! Who knew!?

Who’s this challenge & Masterclass for (and who’s it not for)

Who’s it for:
You’re health conscious (obviously, or you wouldn’t be hanging out here). You pride yourself on taking ACTION. You generally absorb things pretty quickly and appreciate getting down to business. You believe the right foods are vital for your health. You’re open-minded. You love to learn. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty, trying new things. You allow yourself to move forward without the need for PERFECTIONISM. You have a deep motivation to (you need at least one of these): FEEL BETTER! To Heal. Release toxins (lose weight). Finally get your body to get unstuck! Increase vitality. Increase life force. Raise your vibe. You enjoy being in a supportive community with like-minded health nuts and wellness adventurers!

Who’s it not for:
Peeps who aren’t willing to make a smoothie for 10 days straight. Know you typically make excuses instead of taking action. Must have exact measurements on everything. Afraid to enter the kitchen without a recipe in hand. Don’t want to go the extra step to purchase foods you may never have purchased before. People who like to complain about things tasting bad without being willing to experiment & tweak. Folks who believe the power to create better health is beyond their control/influence.

Your Invitation & The Details

WHO: You + Me + Other Cool Peeps. (Health Conscious/ Growth Oriented, But especially for Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Empaths, Creatives, Healers, Teachers, Game-changers, Visionaries, Leaders: those that need high-vibe nutrition to do their work.)

WHEN: Monday, April 1 thru Wednesday, April 10. (Although I’m quite sure I’ll add 2 bonus days at the end — cause why not finish on Friday & C-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e!!

WHERE: Once you enroll, you’ll receive an email confirmation (so make sure you use your best email) with a welcome and an invite to our private Facebook Group. This will also serve as our classroom. Of course you will receive all info via email as well. But the ACTION & shenanigans will be live in the FB group!

HOW: For 10 days you will make a superfood smoothie (and drink it!) and you will be encouraged to post a picture in our group each morning of your masterpiece. I will provide shopping lists, PDFs, videos with prompts, educational component and inspiration, inspiration, and inspiration! We will learn. We will laugh. We will expand what we thought possible. And we will consume some of the highest nutrients on planet Earth. Pretty cool, huh?

the secret. (ssshhh…Smoothies are the gateway drug to changing your tastebuds, your gut biome, your body chemistry, your level of health, vitality, energy…your ability to FEEL what is happening in your body and adjust. what I’m talking about here is a path to your power. and once you’re EMPOWERED you can do anything. ANYTHING! ssshhh.)

1. A blender.
2. $20-30 bucks to get first round of ingredients.
3. And of course…well…you need to actually enroll!


PRE-WORK dropping NOW.
The Superfood Supermarket Smackdown list hits your inbox as soon as you join.
Top Blender recommendation also available. (But any blender will do. Don’t panic.)
The one superfood powder I would consider purchasing now, but totally optional. (It’s $15 bucks and you can purchase on Amazon).

Isn’t it crazy how much you can change in 10 short days? How a whole new world can open up to you in just 10 short days. I find that so incredibly fascinating. And liberating!

Well…then…if this is calling to you, the button to invest, enroll, and rock this! is below. See you on the other side.

Want to go VIP? This means not only do you get the Superfood Smoothie LIVE group program — all that I’ve outlined above, but you also get 1:1 personal support and coaching with me for 10 days straight via FB messenger. Want to go deep, get all your health and smoothie concerns answered. This is it. Let’s get it all sorted out fast and clear. Includes the 360 View of You Holistic Lifestyle Assessment w/ my personalized recommendations for you to follow during and AFTER the SMACKDOWN Challenge.

About Hollie Flynn

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Hollie Flynn is a 20+ year Wellness Entrepreneur, Consultant, Holistic Life Guide and a Plant-based Vitality and Culinary Coach.

For 20 years, Hollie has been in business for herself, passionately learning, living and serving others with all things WELLNESS. Her business philosophy is that the best services and products have the potential to heal the body, feed the soul, and transform lives...while protecting Mother Earth. 

Hollie owned and operated 3 successful fitness and wellness centers for 14 years, helping thousands of women become healthier and happier. She’s the proud author of No BS When Life's a Mess: How to Go From Surviving to Thriving, a self-help book for 20-something females (although really…it’s for ALL-somethings). She is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and has spent 25+ years in the deep study and practice of positive psychology, personal development, spirituality, life purpose, deep nutrition, and deep living. 

She is currently working on her knowledge and skills as an urban farmer and up-ing her overall game as an employee of and advocate for Mother Earth. 

Hollie’s passionate about guiding others to spark, create, and live lives of radiant vitality and deep purpose. She believes you can’t separate the two.

When she’s not co-creating with clients and students, she spends her life minutes devoted to reading, research, writing, creating & eating plant-based deliciousness, trail running with Mr. Carter Jones (the family dog), mountain biking, spending as much time as possible in nature, plotting adventure travel trips, and talking & laughing with her wise and wonderful 14 year old daughter.

Oh, and push-ups. She really dig push-ups.