Live Your Passions

(Not just fluff, but strategies that work!)

I've been living my passions and turning passion into profit for over 17 years. You know this quote:

“Follow your bliss and the money will follow.”

As you probably know by now...that's not exactly the whole story. 

For Starters:

Not everyone KNOWS what their passion even is, right?
And even if you do know what your passion is, it doesn't mean you know how to bring it to life, especially if you want to make money with it.
And...I hate to say this, but I know it's true for many -- even if you do know what your passion is and where to start, doesn't mean you have the guts to start. 

And...that bliss quote -- kind of leaves out the part about WORK. Yeah's involved. 

BUT the good's all possible. And possible for you.

Here are the FACTS:

You do have something inside of you that is meant for just you.
There ARE strategic first steps.
You can develop confidence and courage to build your dreams.                  

I can help you uncover all three. 

And, although there is definitely work, it's the good kind. The kind that gives more energy than it takes. And the type of challenges that will make you say, "Yeah, this is so worth it."

This stuff matters. If we aren't living our passions and purpose we have missed the whole point of our existence this time around. It drives me crazy watching people chase money (and I'm a fan), titles, degrees, mortgages, and STUFF for all the wrong reasons. 

And I know what it feels like to feel trapped. To want so badly to have time, freedom, money, AND meaningful work. To feel that something inside of yourself, but not know how to get it out.

I'm on a mission to set people free. You are here to discover your passions, and your purpose, to build a life by design, and to experience a life of fulfillment, richness, adventure, and ALIVENESS. 

Your passions matter. In fact, they are the trail markers directing you to and illuminating your most extraordinary path.  


Hollie Flynn | HOLSPARK