The old life has fallen away, but the new one isn't clear. Very little is clear. Except the fact that what used to work, no longer does. What used to be true, no longer is. What you used to want, you don't think you do anymore.

Now what?

What if you could tap into more energy, more zest for life, and WHAT IF you could connect to a deeper purpose and an inner GUIDANCE telling you exactly what you need most in life RIGHT NOW? can do just that. And it's all about SPARK. Your very own.

What is SPARK?

Your SPARK is your deep wisdom and center of power. It’s the place that holds your passion, purpose, and deepest desires. Your SPARK is what gives you energy, inspiration, and keen insights into your life plan.

At the deepest level, it's your connection to source. 

It is essentially the best guidance system you'll ever have. Your SPARK is your GPS.

The problem is...most of us don't have it turned on. Or at best it's pretty dim.


:: Resentment.

:: Death of a loved one(s) (including pets).

:: Saying Yes to the wrong things.

:: Not being seen or heard.

:: Work you do not enjoy.


:: Not engaging in what you are passionate about.

:: Playing small. Hiding. Retreating.

:: Programming. Societal norms. Expectations.

:: Worry about your country or the state of the world.

What can dim your SPARK?

:: Chronic Stress.

:: Lack of Sleep.

:: Alcohol.

:: Certain Foods.

:: Trauma.

:: Lack of movement, fitness.

:: People. Especially narcissistic relationships.

:: Being too connected to phones, computers.

:: News. TV. Social Media.

:: dos, stuff, info, clutter.

:: Repetitive thoughts.


It is no wonder our SPARK gets dimmed and dull. We often have many of these factors at play. They have a huge impact on how we feel, but we often go through life in denial that these are affecting us in deep and profound ways. Very few people are connecting the dots and addressing the real cause(s) of lack of energy, zest, fulfillment, and purpose. We often hear vague concepts like work-life balance touted as the answer as to why we feel so bad. Or we think, if we had more discipline, more will power, if we could just get organized...then we could get a handle, get unstuck, and move our lives forward. 

NO. NO. and NO.

We need a different perspective and process to ground us to what really matters. Your SPARK holds the key. It needs to be clear, connected, and BRIGHT.

Has your SPARK been dimmed? Are you disconnected?

This is what it can feel like when you are removed from your SPARK:

At best: Mediocre. Bored. Restless. Dull. Heavy.

At worst: Exhaustion. Irritation. Resentment. Anger. Rage. Depression. Jealously. Less than. Fearful. Not enough. Lost. It can manifest as adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems, or other chronic illness. 

When you are connected to your Spark it feels like:

Inspired. Grateful. Full of Love. Accepting of self (and others). Excited. Driven. Playful. Energetic. On Purpose. Courageous. Calm. Strong. Grounded. Beautiful. Radiant. LIKE YOU. Brilliance. Impact. A Knowing. Vitality.

       The SPARK Pilgrimage is an 8 week sacred journey and transformational coaching experience to RE-IGNITE your SPARK. It's time to walk radiate with vitality, passion, purpose, power & direction in life.

Imagine knowing how to tap into and hear and feel your inner guidance. Imagine feeling more energy, clarity, and courage. Imagine having the tools, practices, and rituals to heal, transform, and reinvent your life anytime you need to as you continue this extraordinary journey through life. 

This program is your own personal pilgrimage. You'll travel 7 marked pathways during your journey. Each pathway has a purpose and significance in helping you connect to what you desire most while building energy, inspiration, and guidance for the journey ahead. You'll begin to feel better. You'll get unstuck. Your energy will start increasing. You'll finally begin to move forward in inspired and completely aligned ways. 

You’ll learn how fast you can change your outlook, mood, and life experiences. You’ll feel the difference. You’ll get clear on many things that don’t need to be in your life. You'll begin to feel relieved and light. You will learn to assess and filter what enters into your energetic space without guilt, worry, or indecision.

Some things will be hard. You’ll learn to walk with the discomfort instead of numbing it or escaping it. You’ll learn that you do want give effort to your journey. You’ll learn to look at difficult feelings and challenges with a sense of reverence and as your initiation to keep walking your path with a bit of grit and a lot of grace. 
That there is strength and honor in working through what needs to to be worked through. 

You’ll begin to develop more courage, love of self, TRUST in self, and deep joy in the journey back to your SPARK.


The SPARK Pilgrimage: A journey deep into your Power, Passion, Purpose & SPARK!

The 7 Pathways

Week 1

pathway 1: Vision Quest

Vision Questing is about getting honest and clear about the desires and dreams in your heart. Questing is about leaving behind the boredom and oppressive walls of societal programming. It is about asking your most wild, wise and free self what she wants. What she craves. What she needs. 

You'll create the vision and the map of your one of a kind Extraordinary, Passion-filled, Inspiring, and Completely aligned life. 

Pathway 2: Passion Project

A passion project is something you work on (often outside of your chosen career path or business) that gives you satisfaction, happiness and puts you into a state of flow. It's what Joseph Campbell would call following your bliss. It's your tiny (or huge) contribution to the world. Mostly it is a contribution to your soul. 

I will help you pick your most aligned passion project to explore and complete by the end of your pilgrimage. 

Week 2

Pathway 3 :  Power Practices

You’ll learn 4 power practices that will have you in a state of joy, clarity, creation, power and fulfillment NOW. These practices alone will be life-changing. You can do them in as little as 15-20 minutes a day.

These work to bring you into the alignment and vibration with what you most desire. You will learn how to create what you desire, AND you will learn to create feelings of well-being, peace, and internal strength in minutes, not some distant time in the future.

Week 3

Pathway 4:  Clear the clutter

You’ll learn how to identify and remove the obstacles and drains from your life. EVERYTHING is energy. Together we'll look at things such as (and many more that you may not even be aware of): number of emails in your inbox, appointments, people, physical clutter, social media, information overload.  We have become a society weighted down by TOO MUCH.  You’ll discover and eliminate 5 of your biggest areas of “clutter” and energy drains. You'll get light.

Week 4

Pathway 5:  Nourish with Movement & Nutrition

Movement.  It matters. Your body is meant to move. It is made to be strong and flexible (at any age). It is your most important home. You’ll practice movement for a min. of 10 minutes a day. Want more? Perfectly OK. You’ll learn how to pick movement and fitness that aligns with your spirit and let the rest go once and for all.

Nutrition.  Nourishment. Energy. Pleasure. Food is one of the greatest pleasures on earth. It also has the power to kill or heal. It can provide energy or sluggishness. It can cause weight gain or loss (and not because of calories). Food can improve mood or decrease it. It can aid in mental clarity or confusion.

We are going to bust some myths. There is no need for confusion, overwhelm, or counting calories (ugh!). You’ll build a new relationship with food that supports pleasure, mood, energy, and a clear mind.

The bottom line is we can't live radiant lives and fulfill our destinies with sluggish, hungover, stiff, heavy, foggy, tired bodies. 

* I will invite you to go without alcohol during your SPARK Pilgrimage. This not mandatory, but a recommendation. The decision is yours. 

Week 5

Pathway 6: Plan with Pleasure

You’ll learn the simple pleasures of YOUR life. These are often overlooked gems that are specific and unique to your soul, and are simple to bring into life. You will learn how to craft and create “perfect storm of pleasure days” as the norm not the exception to life.

Pathway 7: Get WILD 

You are a wild being meant to connect with spirit in nature. Nature is a sacred space of healing, connection, intuition, and wisdom. You'll be given an invitation to visit and play with Mother Earth. You'll learn 5 rituals you can use (pick 1 or do all 5) to bring more beauty, awe, energy, rhythm and reverence to life.

PRIMAL PILGRIMAGE CELEBRATION: You'll also be given the task of journeying into nature for a outing or hike for a sacred celebration with self. (I'll give you some ideas and guidelines for your outing.)

Your Group Program Includes

:: SPARK Assessment (pre-program assessment).
:: 7 Module Course on the 7 Pathway Teachings.
(PDFs, Video, Worksheets, Exercises) 
::  Accountability of Pathway Exercises.
::  Small Intimate Facebook Community of liked-minded "Pilgrims".
::  Facebook Weekly Office Hours.
:: SPARK Assessment (post-program assessment).


you invest: $997

Your Private Program Includes

:: An Illumination session. This is a 2 hour immersion where we delve into the 7 Pathway Teachings, your sacred story and review your SPARK Assessment (which you'll complete prior). 
:: The 7 Pathway Teachings with exercises & practices delivered to your inbox.
:: 4 x 1:1 private calls with additional teachings and review of your progress with the 7 Pathways.
:: Unlimited email between sessions where you get additional guidance, support and insight to what is coming up for you in "real" time.

You Invest: $1750

Have Questions? Email me:

Ready to enroll?  Click the appropriate enrollment button above and you’ll be directed to the payment and enrollment form. After you enroll, you'll receive a welcome email with further details, including your SPARK Assessment. 

My Promise to you.

At the end of The SPARK Pilgrimage program, you'll have more energy, peace, and joy. You'll be more grounded, centered, and clear on your direction in life. You will know what you value, what you love, what you NEED for your spirit. You'll know without a doubt what needs to leave your life and what needs to stay. And you will be well on your way in creating the life you deeply desire. The most essential result will be that you will know how to tap into your inner SPARK whenever you need it. You'll have practices, proven tools, and rituals to navigate life and to nourish your soul. 

This is my promise WHEN you do the work. This is an experiential program. You will not gain results or move forward by intellectually agreeing to the information WITHOUT practicing the information. Only in the practices will you embody and live the wisdom. It is only in your practice that you nudge the Universe for more magic and continued grace. 

I consider this a scared partnership. My goal is for you to feel fully supported so you can relax into reconnecting with your spirit, vitality, and purpose. Everything you need to heal, to transform, to reinvent, to move forward into vibrancy, richness, purpose and love is inside of you. 

My role is to guide you back to that place, and to support you in releasing all that doesn’t belong in your life, in your body, in your mind, in your spirit so you can clearly SEE, fully FEEL, and LIVE ONLY those things that matter most to you, your spirit, your life.

If this program speaks to you, chances are you are experiencing some heavy feelings and that is perfectly OK. I do not want perfect or pretend happiness. I want the raw, real version of what life is like for you. That being said there are basic qualities that will allow a good fit for this work and for you and I to co-partner.

Before you enroll, make sure you have the following qualities.

:: Willing to take action and a desire to do the work

:: Positive (Even if things are rough currently and you are feeling bad, you still lean toward believing in what IS possible.)

:: Open-minded

:: Kind

:: Willing to read new material and devote a min of 20-30 mins a day to new practices.

:: Willing to stay committed to the process even when it’s challenging or you can’t see how it’s all coming together.

:: Capacity and desire to be honest (mainly with yourself)

If that's you and you have a deep desire for transformation, a deep desire to "find your way" again, I invite you to The SPARK Pilgrimage. 

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